1. factsandchicks:

    Robert Samuel, a professional “stander”, earns up to $US 1,000 a week by standing in line for people


  4. did-you-kno:

    There are over 70 documented cases of transplant patients experiencing the same thoughts and feelings as their organ donors did in life. People report everything from craving the donors’ favorite foods, to inheriting their talents. It’s posed a theory that the cells in our body can store memories. Source


    1. Conrad Verner: I might be able to help you with... whatever you're doing now that isn't Cerberus.
    2. Shepard: Conrad, I'm building an ancient, Prothean, dark-energy device to stop the Reapers. Can you help with that?
    3. Conrad Verner: Well, I did write my doctoral dissertation on xenotechnology and dark energy integration.
    4. Shepard: .. Really?
  7. did-you-kno:

    When they were little kids, Eric promised his brother Quinn that if he ever won the lottery he would split it with him. He played the same numbers for 20 years and won $1 million in 2014. As soon as he found out, he called Quinn to let him know they’d be getting matching $335,000 checks. Source

  8. did-you-kno:

    "Fearless" Felix Baumgartner is the 1st human to break the speed of sound without an aircraft. In 2012, he jumped from a capsule in space, 24 miles above New Mexico. He fell for over 4 minutes at 833 mph before he could open his parachute, then landed perfectly on his feet. Source

  10. bazookocasinocircus:

    Spaceship engage.
    Ran out of Heat reflective tape. More to come when I pull the engine. Also lots of color scheming ;)

    (via subiesmakemerallyhard)

  13. theomeganerd:

    John Marston (Red Dead Redemption) - Cosplay

    by GH-Forge


  14. Monday commercials gifs are pretty sure they ordered fries with that